How to Minimize Complaints from the Audience

  Experienced presenters will tell you that the reception that they get often depends on the type of audience they have. Some audiences will be excited to hear what you have to say, but with other audiences, you may not be so lucky. They may be inattentive at best, or at worst, complain.     If you’ve ever had to deal with complaints, you may have heard…

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What Top Presenters Can Teach Us about Success

  Few presenters captivate our attention the way political and world leaders do. However, it is worth noting that many of the world’s greatest presentations have not occurred in politics, but in business. These people, through their presentations, have been able to captivate and inspire audiences to stand behind ideas, products, and even revolutions through their ability…

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Font Mistakes to Avoid in Your Presentations

Font choices can make or break an presentation.

    Unless you have experience with design or marketing, it’s probably a bit hard for you to tell the bad from the good when it comes to your font choices. Don’t let poor design choices ruin your presentation! Instead follow these three easy font tips to make sure you’re making the right decisions when it comes to your presentation’s text.   Choosing…

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5 Little Known Tips for Sales Presentations

Tips for Sales Presentations

  The first rule of sales is to give the people what they want. If your goal is to help sell your audience on a product or service, you have to figure out what they want and deliver it. We’ve compiled a list of five lesser-known tips to help you improve your sales presentations.     Create a guideline Format a guideline of your main points, supporting…

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Four Misbeliefs about Giving Presentations

Four Misbeliefs about Giving Presentations

    You may have given many presentations over the course of your education or your career, but you may not have been getting the best advice about what you should and shouldn’t do. We’ve compiled a list of the top four misbeliefs about giving presentations, and how you can overcome the not-so-great advice that goes along with them.   You should stand…

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Powerpoint Mistakes that Could Ruin Your Presentation

Powerpoint Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Presentation

    While you may have great content, and you may be a great presenter, there are still other factors that have the potential to offset your presentation if you’re not aware of them. In this blog post, we’ll focus on aesthetics.  By using the right images, transitions, fonts, and themes, you’ll be able to avoid Powerpoint mistakes and give your presentation…

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9 Tips to Get Rid of Presentation Jitters Once and For All

Presenter Alert: Jitters

  You’re at the podium…on a big stage…everything is fine BUT…you have a colossal case of the jitters! What do you do? Imagine a room full of clowns? Pretend you’re chatting at a backyard barbeque? Well, while that may work for some, it’s not always that easy to get rid of your presentation jitters when the moment to give your presentation arrives. Your nerves…

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Presenter Alert: Be Aware of these 5 Words & Phrases


  One of the most difficult aspects of giving presentations is that you can’t always speak normally. What do we mean by this? The language presenter uses  does not always follow regular, conversational speech patterns. We frequently include exclamations, nonsense words, intensifiers (really!), and other unnecessary words and phrases in our regular speech that does not…

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4 Things You Should Know about Presenting

4 Things You Should Know.blogpic

  Everything I needed to know about presenting I learned from being an educator, whether it is a teacher in K-12 or a college professor. The front of the classroom is a great place to test your skills. Continue reading below to find out the four things I learned that you should know before you start presenting! Make eye contact. The single most important factor in…

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5 Warning Signs that You Need a New Presentation

5 WarningSigns.blogpic

    If you’re not getting the reaction that you want from your presentations, it may be time to throw out the old and usher in the new. Keep reading to see how to combat these common presentation problems. Your audience looks bored. Oftentimes you can make a subject that could be boring, more interesting by looking at it in a different way. As you develop…

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My First Presentation: HELP!

people sitting rear at the business conference

  Giving a presentation can be an intimidating experience. That’s even true for people who enjoy presenting and have plenty of experience under their belts. While someone may seem completely confident when they’re standing in front of a group, they may be quite nervous on the inside. All of these emotions are compounded for individuals who are giving a presentation for…

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Secrets of An Effective Presenter That You Need to Know

Audience Listening To Presentation At Conference

Whether you present on a regular basis or you’re in the process of gearing up for a big presentation, every presenter wants to be successful. When the word success is used in regards to a presentation, it can mean many things. In some cases, it’s moving people to action. For others, it’s closing a sale or receiving project funding. But all those examples can be boiled down…

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Top 5 Free Educational Presentation Downloads

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  As an educator, there’s a lot of information you have to communicate to your students on a daily basis. Not only do you want to communicate important information, but you want it to really resonate with them. There are several elements that go into ensuring the information you share resonates, such as how much information you share at one time and the compiling lessons…

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Top 3 Free Business Presentation Downloads

top 3 charts list pop poll result and award winners chart ranking music hits best top quality ratingprize winner icon red wax seal stamp

Buy and Sell Presentations is the best online marketplace for presentations. If you have a presentation to give but want to avoid the stress that goes along with starting from scratch, you’ll love using our marketplace. All you have to do is browse, purchase the presentation that fits your specific needs, and make any customizations you require. In some cases, the presentation…

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4 Font Mistakes That Will Devastate Your Presentation

Finger pointing on tablet pc, letters concept

    When you do a presentation, you want to be sure that the way you share information is as clear as possible. That applies to the way you speak, as well as the visual design of your slides. If you don’t consider yourself a design enthusiast or expert, you may be concerned that the choices you make are going to negatively impact or even ruin your presentation.   While…

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How to Spend Less Time and Get Twice As Much Done

productivity tips - file cabinet label

  We all have 24 hours each day. And just about everyone wants to get more done. While skipping some sleep every now and then may be a necessity, that’s not a smart long-term strategy. It’s actually a proven way to end up burned out and less productive than before. Although there’s no way to add more hours to the day, there are several ways to get more done in the…

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How to Design an Engaging Presentation While Watching TV

Assertive businesswoman giving a presentation against creative business worker on computer

    For many people, presenting is not an activity they think of as relaxing. In addition to the stress that often goes along with getting up in front of a group to speak, a lot of people feel overwhelmed by the task of putting together an engaging presentation. If you want to make a great presentation but don’t want to feel anxiety during every step in this process,…

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Do You Make These Unconscious Presentation Mistakes?

Business presentation

    When you get up in front of a group of people to make a presentation, there’s a lot that you have to remember. Not only do you need to know the main information you’re covering, but you need to be aware of which parts of your presentation require additional emphasis. Because there’s so much you’re trying to pay attention to, it’s easy to make certain…

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Get Rid of Presentation Jitters Once and For All

Plenty of people struggle with public speaking anxiety. Whether you feel like this issue has held you back in the past or you simply wish you could get more enjoyment out of speaking in front of a group, the good news is there’s a proven way to deal with presentation jitters. Once you complete this simple but effective exercise, you’ll be able to conduct presentations without…

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Need Fresh Content? Use These 4 Tips to Make Old Things New

Do you have old presentations or other types of content saved on your computer from the past? Although your initial instinct may be to get rid of them, that would actually be a mistake. The reason is even if it’s been awhile since you created that content, chances are you can still put it to use. Whether you use the content for your own purposes or list your presentations for…

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