Below are a variety of categories and questions that can address most of your issues. After your review, if you still have not found a suitable answer to your question, please click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page and submit your inquiry. We will strive to answer your question within 24-48 hours.

How to Buy

  • 1. How do I buy products?

    In order to buy products, you need to become a BSP member at any level—Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Once you have joined at any level, simply go to the Home Page and click on “Browse Presentations” or search by topic in the search window at the top of the page. The documents will be added to your cart and after purchase, will be saved to your "My Account" (click on My Dashboard at the top of the Home Page, then see left-hand column, My Account/Products I Have Bought).

  • 2. How do I download my purchases?

    After you have paid for your product(s), you will be returned to the BSP download page. There is a download link on this page, or if you prefer, you can return to your "My Dashboard, click on “Products I Have Bought” and download from there. You will also receive an email from BSP with a download link. NOTE: You will be able to download each purchased product a maximum of three times.

  • 3. How do I pay for my purchases?

    BSP accepts all major credit cards powered by PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can choose your own credit card for payment upon checkout. A $.30 service fee is automatically added to each purchase.

  • 4. Can another person use the products I purchase?

    Each purchase is intended for your use only and purchases are non-transferrable from person to person.

  • 5. Are my purchases tax deductible?

    Your purchases, if used for business purposes, are tax deductible—save your receipts.

  • 6. Who can answer questions about a product I want to purchase?

    Before purchasing, click on the product title, click on "Product Q&As" tab and submit your question to the author. 

  • 7. Can I download a product again after my initial purchase?

    You will be able to download each product you purchase a maximum of THREE times. On your Dashboard/Products I Have Bought, you can see how many times you have downloaded each product you have purchased.

  • 8. Can I pay with my own credit card?

    Yes--simply click on the “Check Out” button and you will be given the option to pay with your own credit card.

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How to Sell

  • 1. How do I sell my products?

    You must join at the Silver or Gold membership level to sell products. Once you have joined, go to your Dashboard/Add a new product, and upload your products (first upload must be FREE of charge). Once your product is uploaded, it will appear in your “My Market Place” (Home Page/My Dashboard/left-hand column under My Market Place, click on “My Products for Sale.”) To SELL products, you MUST have a PayPal account, since this is how you will be paid for your sales. If you do not yet have a PayPal Account, sign up for free at Once you set it up, return to your My Account page and enter your PayPal email address/first and last name. For international sellers outside of the U.S. who cannot open a PayPal account, you may be able to ask a friend who has a PayPal account to accept your earnings on your behalf and then forward them to you. ESSENTIAL!! You cannot receive payment for your sales until you provide your PayPal email address on your My Account page.

  • 2. How old do I have to be to sell on BSP?

    Anyone 18 years of age or older who has quality, original and appropriate materials can sell their products on Buy and Sell Presentations.

  • 3. Does my first product for sale HAVE to be free of charge?

    Yes. This will provide customers with a free sample of what your products look like. You will then have other items for sale, which your customers will see as they download your free product. Since every member is asked to provide their first product free of charge, it helps increase repeat traffic to the Buy and Sell Presentations website, which is a win-win for you and them! A recommendation is to keep your FREE product under 10 pages/slides.

  • 4. Should I pdf my documents for sale?

    When finalizing your files, decide whether or not you will pdf them. Typically, customers who purchase presentations want the flexibility of customization. Usually pdf files cannot be edited, and if a pdf editor is used, some formatting features may be lost. Consider how your product will be used and pdf accordingly.

  • 5. How can I increase my sales?

    Stress BENEFITS—NOT FEATURES! Tell your customers UP FRONT how your product will benefit them instead of describing it in too much detail. For example, tell them that your presentation will provide them with “specific information on primary Language Arts Standards” or “this PowerPoint presentation identifies ten major tips for increasing sales,” or “these support materials contain actual hands-on assignments that will provide practice for your audience.” If you only use language such as, “This presentation is fun, entertaining and effective”…those are not benefits. Tell your potential customers the VALUE of your presentations and materials and how it will help them.

  • 6. How long should my presentations be?

    Less is more. Many presentations have too much information on a slide, which may also mean the font size is too small. You should try to keep the font bolded and between size 28-32 so all participants can easily read the text from the back of the room.

  • 7. How important is my title slide?

    Your first slide is what customers will see when shopping for products. Ensure your Title Slide is eye-catching, colorful, has a graphic and is interesting! Remember--the first six slides of your document will be generated as thumbnails for customers to view, should you choose to use them. Make these slides count!

  • 8. Can customers contact me directly with questions about my products?

    Yes, they can click on the product title, click on "Product Q&A" and submit a question. You will recieve an email notifying you of the questions. You can answer the question from the same Product Q&A tab. When you receive a question from a buyer, reply ASAP. This goes a long way in building positive customer relations and brings customers back to your products.

  • 9. Can I use graphics without worrying about copyright?

    Be sure the images, graphics, etc. are used with permission or are copyright free. Remember that royalty free does not mean copyright free. NOTE: If you have support documents of any kind for your PowerPoint presentations, keep the first-page graphic the same on the PowerPoint and the other documents so Buyers will know they go together. Just add the appropriate title regarding what the document is i.e., “Participant Guide,” “White Paper,” “Handouts”, etc., but the document title/graphic will be the same.

  • 10. How much should I charge for my products?

    Sellers are solely responsible for determining the prices for the sale of their content. Sellers MUST sell their content at the prices they advertise. Take the following into consideration when setting your prices:

    • Be careful and do not price your items too low. If you underprice your products, the customers may make a wrong assumption that the product is not of high quality. On the other hand, you don't want to price your items too high or customers will skip over your product and find another at a more reasonable price. Look at other offers on the website to establish a suitable price range.
    • The more your product solves a problem for customers, the more likely they are to purchase it.
    • Consider the number of pages/slides you are selling. It would stand to reason that the more pages/slides you have, the more value you are providing and the higher the price would be.
    • You might consider starting with $.10 per page/slide, depending on the depth/detail of each page/slide. This is just a suggestion. It is possible that some of your shorter products may be worth more and your longer products worth less. Watch your sales—if one of your products is not selling, you can always lower the price.
    • If you add facilitator notes to some or all of your PowerPoint slides (notes beneath the slides), you might charge more per slide; however, ensure you describe this additional benefit in your Product Description when you upload it.
    • Ask yourself if the content can be used with a variety of audiences. The more flexibility your product offers, the more you can charge.
    • Search on the Internet for a similar product and compare the cost as if it were purchased online or at a store.
    • Always ask yourself, “How much would I be willing to pay for this?” Show it to your friends and ask them as well—they do not have an emotional investment in the product and will probably give you a more realistic answer.
    • What is the “life expectancy” of your product? Will the customer be able to use this information for months/years to come or is the information just for a one-time effort? The longer the life of the product, the more you can charge. And if so, include this information in your Product Description.
    • Your product must reduce the customers’ time on task and/or save them money. Customers come to BSP to buy products they need because they do not have the time, resources and/or desire to create it themselves.
  • 11. How do I "throw a sale" on my products?

    For any product you want to put “on sale,” go to your My Dashboard/My Products for Sale (edit). On the right-hand side of the product, click ‘edit.’ Scroll down to the ‘Price’ and ‘Discount Price’ window. In the ‘Discount Price’ window, enter the sale price of the document. Click on ‘submit’. Then return to your My Store and you will see the sale price beneath the regular price. When searching the site for your sale product, you will see a red banner on the left-hand corner of your sale item.

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Add/Delete Products

  • 1. How do I add a product?

    (a) In the upper-right corner of the Home Page, click on “My Dashboard.” (b) In the left-hand column, click on “Add a new product.” (c) Follow the directions on the page and complete all sections. Once the product is uploaded, it will appear in your “My Market Place” (Home Page/My Dashboard/left-hand column under My Market Place, click on “My Products for Sale (edit.”)

  • 2. What should I include in my product descriptions?

    Write your titles and product descriptions carefully. Remember—searches are tied to product descriptions and titles so be sure to include keywords that accurately represent your products so it will be easy for potential customers to find. In your product description, include specific details regarding how your product may be used i.e., in what setting, to what size audience, etc.
    If there is a document that supports your presentation such as handouts that support a PPT presentation, white paper, Excel charts, participant guide, roleplays, case studies, etc. include this information in your description. If you are concerned about copyright for your product, go to To attach a license, complete the form, then copy the code and paste it directly beneath your product description.

  • 3. How do I delete a product?

    (a) In the upper-right corner of the Home Page, click on “My Dashboard.” (b) In the left-hand column, click on “My Products for Sale (edit).” At the far right of each product displayed, you will find the “Edit, Delete” button—choose accordingly.

  • 4. What if there is not a category that fits my product? Can I create a new category?

    Yes, with approval from BSP. Go to your Dashboard/Add a New Product and fill out all of the information for your new product--your product will be uploaded. You can leave the 'category' box unchecked until your category has been approved. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in the information for a new subcategory name (and choose if it is for Business or Education) and submit. Pending approval, your category will be added within 24-48 hours. Once your category is approved, you will need to go to your My Products for Sale, click on 'edit' for the product that will be associated with the new category, scroll down and choose the new category for your product.

  • 5. I live outside of the U.S. Can I sell on Buy and Sell Presentations?

    Yes! BSP is an international portal. All are welcome to sell if PayPal operates in your country. When you use PayPal in a country outside of the U.S., PayPal will automatically open in that country's version, if there is one. You may also visit or call customer service at 888-221-1161 for more information. Please visit the following links for additional information about international transactions:

  • 6. Will someone review my products after I upload them?

    Products are randomly reviewed to ensure the quality and content are in compliance with BSP standards. If these standards are not met, it will be reflected in the comments made by customers and lack of sales and if inappropriate, removed. It is the responsibility of the consumer to make informed buying decisions.

  • 7. Who owns my products once they are uploaded?

    Once your products are purchased, the buyer assumes responsibility for the document unless they are copyrighted and you make this clear to any buyer. Buy and Sell Presentations has no ownership of any materials.

  • 8. What types of files can I upload for sale?

    We currently support the following file types: .ppt, .pptx, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx. However, if you choose to use our thumbnail generator system when uploading your products for sale, the system will generate thumbnails only for .ppt and .doc files--otherwise, the thumbnails may be distorted. You may also choose to upload your own thumbnail images.

  • 9. Is there a file size limit?

    If your product is larger than the 100mb maximum size, you will need to shorten the number of pages and/or graphics in the file. You  may also divide your product into parts and sell them as "Part A, Part B," or "Part I, Part II," etc.

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  • 1. How do I protect my original materials?

    No publication or registration or other action in the Copyright Office is required to secure copyright. Copyright is secured automatically when the work is created. A work is “created” when it is fixed in a copy for the first time. However, by registering your copyright, you ensure that your copyright ownership can be proven in case of a dispute or in court.

    For more information on registering your product, go to For additional information about copyrights, go to Remember, it is your responsibility to be informed about copyright for your products.

  • 2. What happens to sellers who infringe upon the copyrights of other people or third parties?

    Their online stores will be shut down and they will face any legal consequences that are pursued by the offended party.

  • 3. If my work is similar to another seller's information, would that be considered infringement on their copyright?

    No, as long as your work is original.

  • 4. Can I just tweak another seller’s product and offer it for sale?

    You are NOT allowed to just tweak another seller’s product and offer it for sale. This is definitely an infringement of copyright laws, and any such products will be removed from the website immediately. If a member determines that there is indeed a copyright infringement, they should notify us at “Contact Us” and we will investigate the situation. Such sellers may lose their membership and be subject to fines.

  • 5. Can I create original materials for an already-copyrighted program (i.e., copyrighted author, fictional character, etc.)?

    In order for you to legally claim copyright and sell material of this type, you must “transform the original work so that it is altered significantly, be used for a different purpose, and be intended for a different audience.” Otherwise, your work is in violation of the original copyrighted material and you would be subject to fine and/or litigation.

    Buy and Sell Presentations (BSP) is not liable if accused of copyright or trademark infringement. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, BSP’s responsibility is to take down any infringement item(s) after receiving a cease-and-desist notice. HOWEVER, any seller uploading non-compliant items, is liable and may be sued for copyright infringement. DO NOT put yourself in this position. Make sure your product is copyright compliant before uploading it.

  • 6. Can I use popular names and titles of books in the title of my product?

    Such names as “Disney, Mickey, Spider Man,” etc., are trademarked. If a title is trademarked, you cannot use them unless you have permission in writing. The same rule applies to using any graphics/photos/images, etc. from such publications—you must have permission from the publisher.

  • 7. Can I create original PowerPoints or presentations/handouts from the Common Core State Standards for Education?

    Yes—the Common Core State Standards material itself is copyrighted, but a public license for use has been issued. If your state has adopted the Common Core State Standards, you do not have to acknowledge copyright. Below is the official Common Core State Standards license information:

    License Grant for Common Core: The NGA Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) hereby grant a limited, non-exclusive, royalty free license to copy, publish, distribute, and display the common Core State Standards for purposes that support the Common Core State Standards Initiative. These uses may involve the Common Core State Standards as a whole or selected excerpts or portions. Any publication or public display shall include the following notice: “© Copyright 2010. National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers. All rights reserved.” States and territories of the United States as well as the District of Columbia that have adopted the Common Core State Standards in whole are exempt from this provision of the License.”

  • 8. What is the difference between a regular copyright and a Creative Commons license?

    A copyright is an all-rights-reserved-by-author claim. If you add a Creative Commons license, it will allow more flexibility about how your work can be used. With a Creative Commons license, you can choose licenses that allow your work to be copied, distributed, edited, remixed, or built upon. A Creative Commons license is in addition to a copyright—it does not replace copyright. Visit the following site for additional information: As stated earlier, it is your responsibility to be informed about copyright for your products.

  • 9. What is “Fair Use” in Copyright Law?

    In many countries, certain uses of copyright-protected works do not infringe the owner’s rights. In the United States, copyright rights are limited by the doctrine of “fair use.” In certain other countries, there is a similar concept called "fair dealing." It is your responsibility to understand the relevant law and whether it protects the use you have in mind. In the United States, “fair use” can only be determined in a court of law. If you plan to use even a small portion of copyrighted material, we'd advise you to seek legal advice first. ‚Ä®For more information on US copyright law and fair use, you may wish to consult the following source:

  • 10. Where can I find more information on copyright law in countries outside the U.S.?

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation provides a database of copyright laws around the world (

  • 11. What are the copyright laws for using clipart images, photos, etc.?

    Stock Images and Royalty-Free Clip Art: "Stock Images" refers to full-page illustrations, typically with full-color backgrounds, or to photographs. The Internet is a popular source for royalty-free stock images. Photographers can post images for sale and you can purchase the right to use images for a small fee, sometimes as little as $1 each. "Royalty-Free Clip Art" does not mean FREE clip art. There may or may not be a cost associated with it. If it is purchased, it is yours to use as you wish i.e., ‘royalty free.’ It is usually more object-oriented, often without backgrounds. Be CERTAIN that you read the Terms for Use, Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions, etc. that describe how their images may be used.

    Published clip art categorizes every image you see online or in print. If you want to use the image commercially, you must receive permission in writing. Contact the webmaster or publisher to learn the source of a given clip art image, then find out if it's available for commercial use. If you can't track the image to its source, look elsewhere.

    Free Clip Art is available on many websites. Most offer hundreds of basic images in low-resolution formats. The source of free clip art images isn’t easy to pinpoint since the original source is obscure, so free clip art images aren't the best source for commercial use.

  • 12. Can I right-click/copy images on the internet and use them freely?

    There are many images that can be right-clicked and copied from doing internet searches; however, these may be copyrighted. BSP suggests sticking to known and reliable sources for clipart i.e., a subscription for which you have paid for the royalty-free use of their images.

  • 13. Does BSP monitor uploaded content for possible copyright infringement?

    BSP has the right but not the obligation to monitor, screen, block, post, remove, modify, store and review all content or communications sent through the website, at any time and for any reason, including to ensure that the user generated content or communications conform to the BSP Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Policy, without prior notice to the user.

  • 14. What should I do if I suspect someone is infringing on copyrighted material?

    Pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. § 512), Cors & Bassett, Attorneys at Law LLC, has implemented procedures for receiving written notification of claimed copyright infringement. If you believe your copyright has been infringed, you may submit a notice—click on “Contact Us” on the home page and include the following information: (a) An electronic or physical signature of the owner of the copyrighted work that allegedly infringed; (b) A description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed; (c) A description specifying the location of the material that you claim to be infringing the copyrighted work; (d) Your telephone number and e-mail address; (e) A statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and (f) A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf. Our designated copyright agent for notice of alleged copyright infringement appearing on the website is: Cors & Bassett, Attorneys at Law, LLC; 537 East Pete Rose Way, Suite 400, Cincinnati, OH 45202-3502; Phone: (513) 852-8200; Fax: (513) 852-8222. Following receipt of this information, (a) The alleged violation will be reviewed. (b) If the content is found to be in violation of BSP’s policies, it will be removed immediately and the owner of such content will be notified. (c) If content violations occur again from the same account/individual, that account will be terminated immediately. (d) The offending party will face any legal consequences and expenses that are pursued by the offended party. For more information on our policies, please refer to BSP Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Policy (may be accessed at the bottom of the Home Page at

  • 15. What should I do if I suspect inappropriate content?

    If you suspect any content on the BSP website is controversial, offensive, libelous, violates privacy rights, etc., please click on “Contact Us” and provide (a) a description of the alleged content violation; (b) a description specifying the location of the material that you claim to be in violation of BSP policies; (c) your telephone number and e-mail address. Following receipt of this information, (a) the alleged violation will be reviewed; (b) If the content is found to be in violation of BSP’s policies, it will be removed immediately and the owner of such content will be notified; (c) If content violations occur again from the same account/individual, that account will be terminated immediately; (d) The offending party will face any legal consequences that are pursued by the offended party. For more information on our policies, please refer to BSP Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Policy (may be accessed at the bottom of the Home Page at

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  • 1. When do I get paid?

    Buy and Sell Presentations collects payment from Buyers via PayPal at the time the product is purchased. The Seller will be notified of the sale by email once payment has been verified and collected from the Buyer. Your monies will be deposited into your PayPal account within 24 hours unless there is a funding issue for the PayPal account or credit card of the Buyer.

  • 2. How do I get paid?

    PayPal will distribute your royalties directly to your PayPal account within 24 hours unless there is a funding issue for the PayPal account or credit card of the Buyer.


  • 1. How do I cancel my Membership?

    Go to “My Account Information.’ Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Cancel My Account.” This will remove your entire account, along with any products you may have uploaded for sale. This process cannot be undone. If you have made purchases, download and save all of your purchases before canceling.

  • 2. How do I upgrade from a SILVER to a GOLD membership?

    If you have a Bronze or Silver account and would like to upgrade, go to your Dashboard and beside of your photo, click on "Upgrade Account." 

  • 3. How do I renew my membership?

    If you do not cancel (by contacting us to let us know), your credit card will automatically be charged on your expiration date so your membership will not be interrupted. As the expiration date approaches, you will receive an email letting you know that your membership is about to renew. The card that you initially used to set up your automatic payment profile will be charged if it is in good standing. If the card is expired and/or the payment fails, your account will be automatically downgraded to a Bronze account. If this is the case, upgrade with a new card as soon as possible to maintain your royalties. If you'd like to change the card associated with your recurring subscription, or to cancel, just let us know at “Contact Us.”

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Refund Policy

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  • 1. Which browser should I use?

    We support all browsers. Make sure that you have the latest version and updates for your browser. For your browser to run properly, it will need to be "javascript enabled." Copy this URL into your browser to see if it is enabled: If it's not, click the "help" tab on your open browser to learn how to enable javascript.

  • 2. What if I can’t download a file?

    Download problems may be related to a temporary connection issue or a browser issue. Refresh your browser and try again in a few minutes. If you continue having difficulties, contact us for help.

  • 3. What if I can’t open a file?

    Please do not leave negative ratings or comments for Sellers if you have trouble opening their files. In nearly all cases, this is not the fault of the Seller. If your file has downloaded completely but still won't open, you may not have the correct software installed on your computer. It is also possible that the file is corrupted and will need to be re-uploaded by the Seller. If you continue to have problems opening a file, please contact us.

  • 4. Why is my PDF blurry? There are black lines where the images should be.

    Newly created PDF files need to be opened with the latest Adobe Reader software (free at For Mac Users: The default PDF application on a Mac is called “Preview.” This program is not compatible with newer PDF files—follow the steps below to open your PDF with Adobe Reader: 1. Highlight the PDF product icon with one click. 2. Go to "File" at the top of the screen. 3. Choose "Open with." 4. Select "Adobe Reader." 5. You may be prompted to make Adobe the default program when opening PDFs.

  • 5. If I have trouble logging in, what should I do?

    Be sure that you are using the correct uppercase and lowercase for your login information. Your BSP password is case sensitive. If all of your information is correct and you still can't log in, you may have your anti-virus software’s security settings set too high. Please contact us if you continue to have problems logging in.

  • 6. If a Buyer asks me for technical help, what should I do?

    Direct them to the "Contact Us" button and send us a message--you are not required to address technical issues.

  • 7. What is a Notebook file?

    A Notebook file runs on a SMART board (interactive “whiteboard”). You will need the SMART Notebook Express program, which can be downloaded free (search for “download SMART Notebook Express” for MAC or PC).

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Paying for Purchases

  • 1. Do I have to have a PayPal account?

    To BUY products, you do not need a PayPal account--you can use your own credit card. To SELL products, you MUST have a PayPal account, since this is how you will be paid for your sales. If you do not yet have a PayPal Account, sign up for free at Once you set it up, return to your "My Account" on your Dashboard and add your PayPal email address and first/last name. ESSENTIAL!! You cannot receive payment for your sales until you provide your PayPal email address on your BSP account.

  • 2. If I have a problem with PayPal, what should I do?

    PayPal will sometimes deny a payment due to alerts on an account or other issues. Any issue with PayPal must be resolved between you and PayPal. Call PayPal Customer Service (888-221-1161). Following this, if your payments are still not visible, please contact us and ask us to resend the required payment(s).

  • 3. What happens if PayPal has my earnings but it is not reflected in my account?

    Ensure that your account setup is complete. PayPal provides instructions for completing the setup of your account in the email notification you received. If you fail to do this in 30 days of getting the notification, PayPal will return your funds to us. If 30 days have passed, contact us and we will resend your payment. Once you set up your account and accept your first payment, future payments will be automatically delivered to your PayPal account.

  • 4. What fees are associated with PayPal payouts?

    As the SELLER, the charge from PayPal is 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you receive. EXAMPLE: You sell a product for $20.00. You are a gold member and receive 85% of the purchase price ($17.00). At this point you would receive an email from BSP i.e.,"Buy and Sell Presentations just sent you $17.00 via PayPal." Then the PayPal fees would be applied to the $17.00 (in this example, 2.9% of $17.00 = $0.49 plus $0.30). The total amount deposited into your PayPal account would be $16.21 ($17.00 - $0.49 - $0.30 = $16.21 total). There is no PayPal fee for the BUYER unless the purchase is made with a credit card linked to the BUYER'S PayPal account. In thi case, the PayPal fee would be 2.9% only.  

  • 5. Can I pay with my own credit card?

    Yes, simply click on the “Check Out” button and you will be given the option to pay with your own credit card.

  • 6. Is PayPal available internationally for transactions?

    Yes, in many countries. Visit the following link for information regarding using PayPal internationally: