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Infectious Disease Review for Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner and Medical Students

Kathryn Conner Presentations, Education, Medical, Science,

This is a professional education level powerpoint that discusses the history, physical exam findings, diagnosis, epidemiology and treatment of 30 of the most common and board tested infectious disease conditions. All board "buzz words" are highlighted. It would be appropriate for any medical, pre-med,…

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Parts of the Cell (Like a city) & Cellular Transport

Kathryn Conner Presentations, Education, Science,

Teaches how the parts of a cell relate to the parts of the city and how the functions are similar. Covers all cellular structures. Also covers active transport, passive transport, pH, and buffers. Includes end review.

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I have taught for over 15 years, including graduate and undergraduate subjects. I have a masters degree in marine science and physician assistant studies, a bachelors in biology and psychology, and am a PA-C. My powerpoints are interactive and boil down even the most complex concepts into understandable terms.