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How to conduct a good Market Research Part 2 - Business Plan

This presentation states how to make a good buisness plan and how to do it, it also shows why you should draw a buisness plan in order to make your buisness grow the right way. The reasons why we set up buisness plans, the goals to set and how to fulfil it. Read More

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Marketing for Success

This PPT presentation (non pdf for editing) is packed with great ideas that explain a clear list of skills needed to ensure marketing success!! These skills include: 1. Marketing Criteria (Exchange, Branding, Added Value) 2. Key Players in Marketing (Suppliers, Vendors, Distributors) 3. The Marketing… Read More

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Price wars definition, use, and brief examples

This presentation is aimed to give the reader a quick overview of the term "price wars". This presentation includes: - definition of price wars, - use of price wars, - brief examples Read More

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