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7 Eccentric Traits of Creative Individuals

There are creative juices in each and every one of us. However, the type and quantity of each is different. Learn 7 Eccentric Traits of Creative INDIVIDUALS Creative people have many characteristics and attitudes Just think about favorite musicians (Michael Jackson, Justine Bieber) and how… Read More

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E-Commerce: A Detailed Introduction

In this presentation, you will learn about: - What electronic commerce and what is the scope, nature of E-Commerce - How economic forces have created a business environment that is fostering the second wave of electronic commerce - The international nature of electronic commerce and the challenges… Read More

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Guide to gold bullion bars

for all starters and new gold collectors out there this presentation is for you, it will give you the flavor and guide to gold bullion bars and prevent you from buying fake bars believe me there are a lot of fakes out there ! Read More

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